Client Name: Wealth Creation Online
Industry Sector: 
Website URL:
Key Features:

  • Integrated E-Commerce Engine
  • SagePay & Paypal Integration
  • Multiple currency shopping cart
  • Fully scalable CMS driven structure
  • W3C Standards Compliant

Synopsis: A website designing company was approached by HS Publishing to help take on a sizable project involving the design of a new book sleeve, company logo and ultimately, the development of a new e-commerce website.

First off, the task was to give HS Publishing a new image and to design a new look logo, suitable for a contemporary and forward thinking publishing company. The company created a solution that was clean and suitable for all uses including screen, print and livery.

The next task was a unique opportunity to develop the sleeve design for their new book "Wealth Creation Online". A publication solely aimed at the entrepreneurial market for readers who wanted to create their own online stores and build their own internet empire. Having researched the existing market, there was a whole minefield of internet self-help books, manuals and idiots guides to using the web. The company knew our book had to stand out but also look striking, professional, believable and be usable as the main creative direction for the eventual website interface.

The solution was to develop a striking ark shaped cover with rich colours to give the style of the cover a unique indentity that could easily be carried through to the web and be used for further releases in the future. Having then merged that style over the the web, the company knew it had succeeded in the task as the cover design translated perfectly to the web and gave the entire HS Publishing range of books and consistent and recognisable brand image.

The final task was to take the design and integrate a fully scalable and manageable e-commerce website aimed at promoting and selling a newly published book. The site needed to be able to access multiple international currencies, integrated with two payment gateways; SagePay and PayPal - both of which would integrate with the back-end CMS system to detail book orders, stock levels, transactions and invoice management.

The finished product is a great testament to a creative and technical skills and illustrates that a commerce website doesn't have to look like a standard "template" website.