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Why your Business needs a robust product information management system

In today’s digital age, the success of any business depends on efficient and effective management of product information. With the increasing complexity of product catalogs and the growing demands of consumers, it has become imperative for businesses to adopt robust…

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Client Name: BTIndustry Sector: Technology & CommunicationsWebsite URL: http://www.btplc.comKey Features: Flash based interactive elements Actionscript 3.0 development Synopsis: A website designing company was asked to design and create two complex Flash based interactive elements to be embedded on the BT Careers website. Each of…

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NDS Limited

Client Name: NDS LimitedIndustry Sector: Technology & CommunicationsWebsite URL: http://www.nds.comKey Features: Design of full-colour HTML email templates Installation of mediamailer software Collation of bulk email addresses Email campaing management and tracking Synopsis:NDS Limited enables broadcasters, network TV operators and content providers to profit…

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Client Name: QuadrigaIndustry Sector: Technology & CommunicationsWebsite URL: http://www.quadriga.comKey Features: Graphic Design & Branding Complete website overhaul Synopsis:Quadriga required a set of web templates that would give the company a stronger, cutting-edge image. After an initial briefing by Hunter Lodge, the web development…

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Client Name: T-MobileIndustry Sector: Technology & CommunicationsKey Features: Web Template Creation Brand Orientated Creative Development W3C Level AAA Compliant Synopsis:T-Mobile were in urgent need for a series of job templates, marketing banners and employment profile pages within an extremely tight deadline. Never…

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Logica CMG

Client Name: Logica CMGIndustry Sector: Technology & CommunicationsWebsite URL: Features: Interactive Flash Questionnaire High quality Flash video encoding Accessiblilty compliant versions Synopsis:Testament to our all round abilities, Logica CMG required a website designing company to design and deliver a selection of interactive elements that…

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AIT International

Client Name: AIT InternationalIndustry Sector: Technology & CommunicationsWebsite URL: http://www.applied-image.comKey Features: Search Engine Optimised Database driven CMS System Video Production and Encoding Dedicated Software Downloads Engine Synopsis: A website designing company was asked by AIT International, a long standing client of ours to take…

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