Client Name: Asylum 3D
Industry Sector: 
Design, Marketing & PR
Website URL:
Key Features:

  • Graphic Design & Animation
  • Flash interactive web interface
  • Optimised Quicktime Video
  • Content Managed News Feed

Synopsis:Asylum 3D is still one of the jewels in a website designing company's crown and it's easy to see why. This visually stunning website still gets the same attention and positive feedback that it did the first day it was released.

The company used Flash to the max on this site. Each and every element uses a variety of cool tweens and sound FX, combined with an updateable news feed panel and a whole host of Quicktime movies to watch online, all encased inside this graphically awesome looking interface.

A lot of the visual "eye candy" is down to the great 3D work done by the team at Asylum. The portfolio area is an artists heaven and some of the concept work is great. The company highly recommend you take a closer look into this excellent website.