Client Name: Colin Turner
Industry Sector: 
Website URL:
Key Features:

  • Search Engine Optimised Structure
  • Shopping Cart Based Bookstore
  • PayPal Checkout Integration
  • MySQL database driven PHP CMS
  • WC3 Standards Compliant

Synopsis:The Brief

21st Century Books approached a website designing company to develop an online bookstore, specifically aimed at promoting and selling printed and electronic PDF based publications by a leading authority on business, Colin Turner.

The site needed to be less on formal and glitzy, and more on clarity, simplicity and direct language. With 15 international best selling books to his name, in 45 countries and 39 languages, Colin wanted a website to use to promote himself as an author, speaker and leading voice - especially now with the U.K and global markets in difficult times.

The Solution

The company designed and developed a website that focused on a personal approach and stripped away the typical corporate, stuffy images that are synonymous with these types of sites. Ther design direction went down a more stylistic and personal approach as opposed to trying to portray an image of over self-importance.

The end design is a success showing that people in business can use clean and well considered design and avoid busy, cluttered pages that can lead to poor conversions and low volume sales.

The Outcome

The site now attracts a solid level of visitors and has already won the client new business in central Europe, ebook and printed book sales along with far greater exposure on the search engines due to good use of clean code and SEO driven techniques.