lient Name: Hawes & Co.
Industry Sector: 
Property & Building
Website URL:
Key Features:

  • 16:9 Widescreen DVD Format
  • Professional Menu and Chapter System
  • Professionally narration and production
  • Disc inlay and surface graphic design
  • 50,000 reproduced to order

Synopsis:Hawes & Co approached a website designing company to design and produce a professional DVD to help promote their business to the entire North Surrey and South West London area. Naturally, the company was delighted to take on the challenge.

We conceptualised, shot, animated and produced a 16:9 widescreen format infomercial for the DVD, featuring professional narration by Beverley Beer which pulled together the overall product. Add to that, a series or cool menu screens, a beautifully packaged DVD inlay using seasonal graphics which change every quarter and printed DVD disc surface.

On completion, the company delivered a run of 50,000 which were dropped via Royal Mail through numerous letterboxes of homes in Surrey and South-West London. The DVD has been a great success and has placed Hawes & Co. right at the forefront of their business sector.

They took a chance on investing in a relatively brave move and signs are, it has truly paid off with this great DVD product.