Client Name: Bechtel
Industry Sector: 
Oil, Gas & Engineering
Website URL:
Key Features:

  • Peer-to-peer chat environment
  • Fully trackable conversation data
  • ASP.NET based CMS area
  • Fully integrated MS SQL database
  • Backend reporting system

Synopsis:Talk to Bechtel is one of the most challenging projects. A website designing company asked to design, develop and deliver an online chat room that was effectively an « online careers fair », using peer-to-peer technology to enable « real-time » conversations.

With a tight deadline and a very tough spec to work to, the company still managed to deliver the goods on time, within budget and successfully create what has been hailed as a potential award winning website.

The website was backed up by a major press campaign which attracted registrants in their hundreds. In fact, even we were staggered by the amount of traffic the site was getting – our poor servers! The client was overwhelmed by the success of the site and a second online careers fair is planned in the coming months.

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