Client Name: Shell
Industry Sector: 
Oil, Gas & Engineering
Website URL:
Key Features:

  • IAC Awards 2005 Winner
  • RAD Awards 2005 Runner-up
  • ASP.NET & MS SQL integration
  • Players High Scores Table
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Synopsis:Towards the back end of 2004, JWTSC, a long time partner with mediagarden, charged a website designing company with the task of producing an exciting, challenging and fun game for Shell to enhance their student and graduate drive branded "Waves of Change".

Having worked on many previous "Waves of Change" projects, the client knew that the company had a great understanding of the branding in place, the challenge ahead and ultimately the goal - to attract students and graduates to starting a career with Shell.

The game was a great hit - attracting users in their hundreds. The execution helped eliminate many stigmas attached to Shell and the viral pass on rate was excellent.