Client Name: University of Wales, Newport
Industry Sector: 
Education & Careers
Website URL:
Key Features:

  • Interactive flash viral game
  • "Send to Friend" invite module
  • Incentivised high scores table
  • MySQL database driven PHP CMS
  • In-house illustration and conceptualisation

Synopsis:Continuing a growing reputation for developing addictive and successful Flash virals, this fun little game fit into a wider campaign for the University of Wales, Newport rather nicely.

In an attempt to change perceptions about University life in Wales, a campaign was launched entitled "We're Turning Heads". A website designing company was asked to conceptualise and create a fully Flash based viral game that played on the theme of "turning heads", to help enhance the new image of the University.

After developing a number of concepts, the company finally settled on a good old fashioned card flipping game - simply turn the cards and match them. The challenge set out to the players was to match all of the cards in the quickest time, with the fewest number of flips. The top "head turner" would win a brand spanking new iPod. Not bad!

The game was an instant success and has gone down a storm. Some lucky beggar managed to flip and match all of the cards in just over 25 seconds! Incredible stuff - just proving that students really do have far too much free time on their hands.