Client Name: ProCompare Tennis
Industry Sector: 
Leisure, Arts & Entertainment
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Key Features:

  • Full-featured Flash Video Content
  • Video Favourites, Playlists & Ratings
  • Full-screen frame-by-frame control
  • Fully search engine optimised
  • Integrated backend MySQL CMS

ProCompare Tennis Image is the latest incarnation of the hugely popular online tennis resource, completely developed from the ground up on Flash, PHP & MySQL technology.

With an existing membership base of over 10,000, the new site takes the original concept of the site into the Web 2.0 era offering far greater interaction and participation by the registered user base to learn and develop tennis skills and techniques.

The new site is completely FREE to join, with no subscription fees. Members can benefit from learning and developing tennis knowledge from a panel of tennis experts from across the globe by analysing footage of well known tennis pros such as Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Novak Djorkovic to name a few. Each of the videos are shot close up on permission of the pro's and are encoded at a high key frame rate, meaning that full screen video can be viewed frame-by-frame to truly analyse the swing, footwork, balance and technique of each and every player.

Regular articles and insider knowledge on fitness, injury prevention, flexibility and tennis tactics only add value to the free tuition that's on offer to all members enjoying the site. It's simply every tennis fanatics dream!

To make using the site simple and easy, members can add videos to a favourites list, even create their own playlists! Comments can be posted on each video, meaning members can get chatting to each other and exchange views on players and their techniques. They can even add bookmarks to well known social networking websites too.

Navigating is made simple and seamless by using clear and scalable navigation, plus a "tagging" system meaning that users can search for practically anything that has been tagged or interlinked in any particular way be it a players name, a type of swing, technique or relevant category.

Whether tennis is your thing or not, we invite you to take a look at the next generation of ProCompare Tennis and see for yourself! Launched in early February 2009, the website was literally inundated with new members only seconds after going live! The website has received some rave reviews - even the client has stated that the website is way beyond their expectations.