Client Name: Breakology
Industry Sector: 
Leisure, Arts & Entertainment
Website URL:
Key Features:

  • Flash Animation Based Interface
  • Scalable database driven structure
  • ASP.NET based CMS area
  • Solid Google Ranking
  • Paypal Shop Integration

Synopsis:Breakology approached a website designing company with a simple set of demands - make us a site that has the wow factor, is visually stunning and slick to use. So we knew it had to be Flash...

The end product is a database driven, Flash masterpiece that still takes pride of place is our portfolio today. The unmistakable grey hues and red signature tones give this site a real depth of contrast - add to that the interactive elements such as the CMS enabled news system, the impressive gallery menu, events pages and the forum and you'll soon discover that this website isn't just visual candy, it's got far more depth.

The company integrated an ASP.NET CMS news updater, a simple PayPal based e-commerce store and a chat forum. The site has been live for quite some time but the company thinks you'll agree, it still stands up to the test of time.