Client Name: T-Mobile
Industry Sector: 
Technology & Communications
Key Features:

  • Web Template Creation
  • Brand Orientated Creative Development
  • W3C Level AAA Compliant

Synopsis:T-Mobile were in urgent need for a series of job templates, marketing banners and employment profile pages within an extremely tight deadline.

Never concerned with deadlines and urgency, a website designing company took the task and produced a series of brand friendly templates, over 80 banner adverts and a collection of job profile pages, all to be deployed across a whole host of online job boards including Monster, TotalJobs, Jobsite and Retail Choice.

Our commitment to produce the goods under the most testing of deadlines has been testiment to the fact that the company continually asked to produce work in this way and the client has expressed a great amount of pleasure in working with us, no matter the demands that we have had to ensure.