Introducing mediamailer™ - full featured bulk email marketing software for the small to medium sized enterprise. Intuitive, powerful and cost-effective!

What is it for?

Mediamailer™ is a powerful and cost-effective bulk email application designed to slash the costs of direct mail and give you results that far outweight any traditional direct "snail" mail.

Slash the costs of direct mail and give you results that far outweight any traditional direct "snail" mail.

The flagship product is now at v2.0, boasting a completely redesigned interface coupled with some vastly new and improved features. In constant development since 2004, the bulk-email product has been a huge hit with a number of clients due to its ease of use and flexibility to take control of mass email marketing without any technical know-how.

Mediamailer™ gives you the freedom to promote your business through direct, high impact full-colour email on a potentially massive scale, without restrictions or subscription fees. It's simple to use and returns fantastic results at the fraction of the cost of traditional direct marketing - your email ends up directly in your customers inbox, guaranteeing an instant return.

What can it do?

  • fully portable - host it yourself or opt for one of our managed solutions
  • create targeted campaigns by age group, industry, business name and more...
  • fully editable address book with import and export feature
  • list manager allows you to create custom lists for your campaigns
  • upload & create new lists or add to your existing lists
  • export lists to file and take your data with you
  • send full-colour HTML firewall proof emails, with personalisation
  • comprehensive message reports on delivery, bounce & click-through rates
  • save previous emails to re-use later
  • track links and downloads in all of your emails by "actual name"
  • view exactly who received your mail and who clicked the enclosed links!

What's new to v2.0?

  • completely new & improved intuitive user interface
  • create and control multiple administrators
  • live step-by-step instructional YouTube videos
  • integrated reporting colour pie-charts
  • optimized and improved sending engine
  • enhanced list management tools
  • enhanced database management tools

Should my business use it?

If you are serious about marketing and are looking for ways to reach a bigger audience, then look no further! Practically every type of business can benefit from using bulk email. It gets instant results and the cost are minimal:

  • The Conservative Party
  • University of Kent
  • Development Land for Sale
  • SQ Plus
  • Colin Turner
  • Conservative Christian Fellowship
  • Fathom Business Solutions
  • Juno Says Hello
  • Espression
  • NDS Limited
  • The Kings Mile
  • Ebury Hotel, Canterbury
  • Tribal Resourcing
  • Kent Fire & Rescue Service
  • HS Publishing
  • Breakology

How much does it cost?

In most cases, each installation of our bulk email system is relatively swift and takes only a matter of minutes - if you are hosting the software yourself, you will need to have a technical expert on hand who has a sound knowledge of Windows Server environments. Speak to us if you are unsure.

Getting mediamailer™ costs from as little as £50.00 per month, making it more than affordable for any size of business.

Want to get the bigger picture?

Whether you are new to mediamailer™ or are looking to upgrade your current installation, download the latest product brochure to find out more.