Client Name: Shell
Industry Sector: 
Oil, Gas & Engineering
Website URL:
Key Features:

  • IAC Awards 2005 Winner
  • RAD Awards 2005 Runner-up
  • ASP.NET & MS SQL integration
  • Players High Scores Table
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Synopsis:Towards the back end of 2004, JWTSC, a long time partner with mediagarden, charged a website designing company with the task of producing an exciting, challenging and fun game for Shell to enhance their student and graduate drive branded « Waves of Change ».

Having worked on many previous « Waves of Change » projects, the client knew that the company had a great understanding of the branding in place, the challenge ahead and ultimately the goal – to attract students and graduates to starting a career with Shell.

The game was a great hit – attracting users in their hundreds. The execution helped eliminate many stigmas attached to Shell and the viral pass on rate was excellent.

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