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Converting Closed Source Websites to Open Source Technology

One of our specialities is to take an existing website, e-commerce system or content management system that has been developed in proprietary, closed source software and convert the same application onto a fully useable, stable open source platform such as PHP and MySQL.

But why would you want to do such a thing?
As more and more local government bodies and larger corporations look to significantly reduce their overheads, we are often asked to convert websites to PHP and MySQL technology simply to reduce the huge costs involved with proprietary licencing for operating systems and database servers.

For example, a larger corporation or government body could realistically spend tens of thousands of pounds per year, simply on licences alone! Effectively, enough capital to keep several members of staff in employment.

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In today's tough economic times, your staff are critical to maintaining your company's performance yet the strain in cash flow caused by proprietary licences can cripple any organisation, no matter the size.

By re-assigning your budgets over to open-source technology, you instantaneously reduce your longer term I.T spend and open yourself up to a whole new world of opportunity. As a business that has experience at all levels of development of websies by having used proprietary and open-sourced technologies, we can categorically state that open source is the future. It's far more flexible, powerful, stable and cheaper.

In our eyes, the decision is simple. Open source offers you a way out of the stranglehold that proprietary licenced software has over your business. If you are serious about saving potentially thousands in annual licence fees, speak to us about moving across to the open source community - you won't regret it!

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