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Save paper this Christmas - use email marketing!
By Media Garden,

If like us, you may start to notice around this time of year the sheer amount of paper and card that starts to fall through your letterbox. It's scandalous.

Our letterboxes gets filled up with Christmas party invitations, meal bookings, greetings cards... and that's on top of the existing regular piles of junk mail that fall through our doors. Environmentally it's reckless, unnecessary and ultimately expensive!

There's a lovely invention called email which has been around for a few years now and we'd like to help you utilize this as best as possible, plus save money and paper. So before licking those stamps on the Christmas cards this year, think again...

With the postal services becoming even more unreliable (and let's face it, more strikes are on the horizon) your card may not even get delivered. And when it does, where does it end up? You guessed it, the bin and most likely, not the recycling bin either!

Bulk email is cheaper, faster, environmentally cleaner and more importantly... far more flexible and reliable.

Our bulk email services will allow you to send personalized messages with full colour graphics and animation... hey, why not even throw in a few dodgy jokes as well?

If you wanted to go one step further, you could utilise the message to bring new services or products to your clients attention for the new year. Even link to a Christmas themed Flash game to bring your clients closer to you and start interacting with them.

The internet gives you so many more possibilities that a plain old boring card does and it gives you piece of mind that you aren't contributing to the piles and piles of paper and card that get wasted every year. So if you want to do something original this Christmas, drop us a line and speak to us about using bulk-email marketing to send your clients a Christmas wish this year.

Oh and it'll save your boss a few quid on stamps, not to mention a cold walk to the postbox!

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