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What's everyone Twittering on about?
By Media Garden,

You may have noticed that you can't go through life nowadays without hearing references on television, radio and in person where at least one person mentions Facebook or Twitter in conversation. So what is all this twittering about? Let us explain... you could be missing a huge business opportunity!

Business opportunity you say... "but I thought Twitter was one of those chat thingies kids go onto online with their friends?" Maybe so but in truth, and many would not like that fact, that Twitter has developed into the single most cost effective, hugely subscribed, direct marketing tool for business in the world today! This statement may seem overly dramatic but when you consider that some of the worlds most powerful and influential people such as Sir Richard Branson, Duncan Bannatyne, Sir Alan Sugar and even Barack Obama use Twitter, maybe there needs to be a shift in thinking.

Twitter is essentially a networking tool. The original concept was to allow people to connect and share thoughts, opinions and updates in their lives. However, the ease at which one user can connect to another has opened many doors for business minded individuals. After just a few minutes of usage, you can clearly see why a tool such as this has become integral to many international organisations and there marketing. Where else can you guarantee to have a press release, news update or announcement land directly on your customers desktop, without charge? Sounds too good to be true doesn't it, but the fact is, this is modern business.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool and it allows you to connect with your customers directly and open doors to new business.

Sounds perfect doesn't it? Well, creating a Twitter account is the easy part. Getting the right followers and in their numbers is the tough part and that's where we come in... Like any marketing, you need to stay on top of it. Twitter won't update itself and if you register and simply leave it to waste, no-one will come and in actual fact, this approach could do you more harm than good. How would it look if a customer discovered your Twitter page, only to find it hadn't been updated for three months? A bad impression all round! Twitter needs to be used regularly, with constant updates that are relevant to your business, industry and clients. By posting regular articles with links to your website, products and services, you can drive direct traffic and increase sales. Simple right? Well yes, but you need that audience first so where do you get that?

To ensure your "tweets" are effective, you need people to follow you and read your updates. And this is where we can help you even more...

We have extensively researched, tried, tested (and failed) techniques to increase Twitter followers and at mediagarden we are pleased to announce that we are now offering "Social Media Marketing" as a new specialist service to help increase exposure for your business through using social media tools like Facebook, Blogger and Twitter.

To give you an example, we recently took on the task to fully manage a clients Twitter account. Within 48 hours, we had gained them over 150 new followers - which translates as:

150 Followers = 150 Customers

The cost comparison of a Twitter marketing account compared to paying for subscription based Google Adwords is so far reaching that the figures do not come even close. We are so confident that our social media marketing techniques work that we are offering an amazing introductory deal:

Let us manage your Twitter account each month and in return, will get you at least 50 new followers in one whole day for FREE! If we fail (and we won't), you'll get the first month's management fees FREE of charge as well!

We want to prove that we can back up what we claim so speak to us about managing your twitter marketing - try us for FREE for a day and you'll see the results increase. We'll prove that it works. We will increase your following and bring in new business opportunities. Costs for managing your Twitter accounts starts from as little as £120.00 per month.

If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, then speak to us and let us be your specialist social media marketeers!
Call us on 0845 388 5085 or contact us via email now.

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