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Internet advertising officially overtakes TV
By Media Garden,

Reports this week state that online advertising spending in the UK has officially overtaken television expenditure for the first time. Are we surprised? Well to be frank, not really. But what does surprise us is how little small to medium sized enterprises take advantage of this cost-effective and easily accessible advertising medium.

The real truth is that internet advertising has been in existence for almost two decades and today, it's never been easier to gain greater, direct exposure at the fraction of the cost that the square box has offered in the past. Direct online search marketing such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Advertising are just the tip of the iceberg. Dig just a little deeper and spend a few more of those precious minutes researching and you'll soon discover a whole wealth or free (or at least very cheap) options that will have you rubbing your hands together.

If you haven't heard of the likes of Facebook, MySpace, Twiter and Blogger then you must have been stuck in a time capsule. Yet it's staggering how many businesses simply ignore these free media and dismiss them as just a "fad" or current "trend" that only the kids are into. Nonsense! You are clearly missing a trick and any business worth their salt is using websites such as Facebook and Twitter (more commonly known as of social media) to promote their businesses, strengthen their existing relationships and widen their networks.

At mediagarden, we have been keenly watching the whole "social media thingy" quite closely to see how the trends are developing and how patterns are shifting. Many agencies jumped on board the "we can manage your social networking campaigns for a zillion bucks" bandwagon very early on, to find that most users had defected to the newest and latest social media tool, quicker that you could press the "Save" button!

However, like most groundbreaking ideas, the dust eventually settled and we believe that aside from the best intentions in the world to become otherwise, Twitter has in actual fact become one of the worlds most powerful business marketing tools available. (Anyone who tells you it's just a tool to keep in touch with friends and exchange opinions is clearly deluded - you can tell them that we said that too!)

Join Twitter and within minutes you'll find the likes of every worldwide news agency, businessman or international corporation on there, posting updates about their businesses, industry and opinions. Why? Because it gets them direct exposure, right onto their customers desktops and best of all it's FREE! Getting a Twitter account is the easy part... getting the right "following" i.e your customer audience, is the hard part and that's where we come in. We've spent many a day, conducting exhaustive research to learn the best and most direct ways to get you noticed on Twitter and quite frankly, we feel we've cracked it.

So if you feel that your business has hit a wall and is feeling a little static, get in touch with us to kick start your internet marketing and we'll prove just how quickly and cost-effectively, you can get your businesses through these testing times and come out with a brighter look to the future, simply by using mediagarden's targeted, social media marketing.

Talk to us or call us on 0845 388 5085 about getting a huge Twitter following within days!

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