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Enhance your marketing with bulk email
By Media Garden,

Let's be straight - it's no great secret that the economy is on a knife-edge. For the first time in many years, businesses and consumers are taking a greater amount of time to consider their financial options. Whether you are new to business or have been established for some time, choosing where and how you spend your finances personally or in business terms is a key decision.

As we approach the latter stages of 2007, many organisations may be wondering what the future holds. Will the new year bring fresh hope? Will it continue the trend of tightening our grip or will it be even harder to maintain the same sales levels as previous years?

The future holds many questions with many uncertain answers and now is the time to consider where you spend next years marketing budget to ensure it brings in the maximum return it can.

Many businesses in such times make the mistake of overlooking the one key factor in their long term survival. Their existing client base. It's only human nature to try to seek and forge new business relationships however, many of us take this action at the expense of forgetting the very businesses who put us where we are today.

At mediagarden, we place great value in maintaining client relationships and it is our belief that the best way to ensure you stay at the forefront of your client priorities is through channeled marketing.

"And how do I achieve this task?" you may ask...

Bulk email marketing. By using cost effective, full-colour bulk email, you can ensure your products and services are sent straight into your clients inbox and thus, maintain a constant communication stream with your client base.

As they saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind". Don't allow your business to be forgotten.

Our in-house developed bulk email software, mediamailer is only £500.00 + VAT - with this minimal investment, you open up an entire new world of marketing potential for your business. We all know how unreliable and costly using Royal "Snail" Mail has become, not to mention how quickly direct mail gets discarded and the environmental factors too!

Join the digital age and start using the internet to your advantage. Not only does mediamailer deliver your emails instantly to your entire address book, it returns outstanding statistical data to give you detailed reports on delivery rates, open rates... even the names of those who clicked the links within the email, giving you good cause for follow-up sales enquiries.

We're currently offering FREE 30 day trials to anyone who is serious about purchasing mediamailer. So what do you have to lose? We are offering you the opportunity to use the software, FREE of charge, unrestricted and with no obligation.

To find out more about this powerful marketing tool, visit the dedicated mediamailer section or call us today on 01227 765585. We look forward to your call.

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