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Essex Police

Client Name: Essex Police
Industry Sector:
Military & Emergency Services
Website URL:
Key Features:
  • Graphic Design & Animation
  • Flash Animated Splash Interface
  • ASP.NET & MS SQL integration
  • Password Protected CMS Area


The Essex Police are currently in the process of encouraging officers far and wide to consider transferring to their branches in this home counties constabulary.

To aid in the process, we were asked to design and develop a recruitment driven micro-website under the tag line of "Back to the Beat". The new site features a cool intro Flash page based around the whole campaign theme to strengthen the message, using a combination of music and animation.

The main site is a departure from normal Government sector websites and offers a more approachable, friendly and laid back feel which we feel will entice transferees to make the big jump. The site is currently in Phase 1 of development and will soon feature a greater number of CMS enabled areas to allow the Essex Police admin team to use the site more centrally for their internal and external recruitment needs.

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