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Tribal Group

Client Name: Tribal Group
Industry Sector:
Design, Marketing & PR
Website URL:
Key Features:
  • Flash based interactive game
  • Hi-Scores Table
  • "Send to a Friend" facility
  • Fully integrated PHP based CMS system


It's true what they say - the simplest games are always the most addictive!

None more can be said for this fun little game we created to complement Tribal Resourcing's upcoming exhibitions this summer (2008). Based on a re-skinned and slightly tweaked version of the University of Wales, Newport game "Turning Heads", Tribal loved the game so much, they asked us to make one just for them!

Happy to oblige, we changed the theme to fit around commuting and the daily grind of the London Underground. We had a lot of fun conceptualising and designing some new characters - you know the usual mob you see on the underground right? Posh city high-flyers in suits, a guy sleeping with some unsightly dribble appearing from his mouth, an old granny in need of assistance, someone with their iPod on far too loud and the sultry lady trying to stay inconspicuous in the corner. Okay, maybe it's just us on that one!

None-the-less, we had some great fun making this game and we hope you enjoy playing it as much. It's so simple - just match all of the pairs of cards as quickly as possible. Sounds dull? Well just see how addictive it becomes. See if you can make the high scores table too!

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